To apply for Biblical Foundation Academy

1. Contact us for admissions packet or Print or View Forms here.
2. Complete Family Application Form (one per family).
3. Complete Student Application Form (one per student).
4. Contact us to arrange for an entrance interview.
5. Arrange an appointment for your child to take our entrance placement test. This test covers reading and math, and ensures that your child is placed in a class to experience the most progress in their learning.
6. Request your pastor or church leader to fill out the Pastoral Recommendation Form, and return this to us as soon as possible.
7. Supply a copy of your child’s immunization records, birth certificate, and report card (or SAT scores) from last year (not required for K5).
8. Schedule a physical exam for your child, or supply a copy of a doctor’s report done within the past year.

High School Classes

These classes, specifically for homeschooled high schoolers, will be taught 1-2 times per week, depending on the subject. Currently we are planning to offer an English Grammar course which will meet twice a week, using the Shurley English curriculum. However, we would like to offer math and science classes as well. We will need at least five students to start a new class.

Cost: $250 per student per semester, or $50 per month (not including books).

Teacher: Mrs. Joy Majewski (Degree from Bob Jones University, over 20 years experience in teaching, homeschooling, and private tutoring).

To apply: Complete Family Application Form and Pastoral/Church Leader Application Form (both available online), and return forms to BFA.


We offer academic tutoring for all grade levels. The cost will be $15-20 per hour, depending on scheduling and number of students (discounted rate available for families enrolling two or more students).

Teachers: Mrs. Joy Majewski
Mrs. Sarah Majewski

To apply:

  • Complete Family Application (available online), and return form to BFA.
  • Contact us for scheduling information and an interview.
  • Music Lessons
  • We offer private lessons in piano, guitar, and ukelele.

Cost: $15 per -hour lesson, plus books.

Lessons will be given weekly, but payment must be made monthly. Monthly amount will depend on the number of weeks in the month.

Teacher: Mr. Nathan Majewski (B.B.S. Music major from Ambassador Baptist College, 1-1/2 years experience teaching music).

Our goals

Catering to but not limited to the home-school community Offering K5, 1st grade, High School classes for home-scholars and Tutoring

Our Goals

– To offer a low-cost half-day K5 program and full-day 1st grade, in a Christian environment, using quality Bible-based curriculum.
– To aid homeschooling parents, and others, to give their children a solid academic foundation in the first few years of school, focusing on concept learning and thinking skills
– To prepare beginning students to continue their education either in a Christian school or at home with their parents.
– To offer classes in Bible, music, and sciences for our students and others in homeschooling families.
– To offer adult classes to help prepare parents to assist their children with learning at home.
– To offer private or group tutoring for students who are in need of academic help (any grade level).
– To offer high-school classes in English, music, and other subjects (selection based on parent interest).

Family Entrance Requirements

  • Testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Pastoral recommendation.
  • Faithful church attendance.
  • Agreement with BFA doctrinal statement and school policies.
  • Willingness to read and teach the Bible to children at home.
  • Entrance interview.

Kindergarten and First Grade:

(1/2 day K5, full-day 1st Grade).

Curriculum Used:

Shurley English Teaching young children to understand parts of speech and proper sentence formation. Bob Jones University Press Math Teaching concepts to advance students in their understanding of math. Abeka Reading and Spelling Focusing on phonics to teach children the mechanics of reading.
Plus: Abeka Bible, BJU Music, and BJU History and Science.
Teacher: 1st grade: Mrs. Sarah Majewski (B.B.S from Ambassador Baptist College, 2 years teaching experience), K5 T.B.A.


K5 – $2200 per year (includes books).
1st Grade – $2600 per year (includes books).
Large family discount: 25% off for each additional child.
Print or View B.F.A. School Calendar here.